If those who voted for UPFA are patriots are the rest traitors? – UNP


April 7, 2014

UNP media spokesman MP Gayantha Karunathilaka today slammed the government for terming those who voted for the ruling party as “patriots” and questioned whether the 76 per cent majority voters who did not cast their ballot for the UPFA were “traitors”.

The people of the country have shown their clear opposition to the government’s “election gamble” of holding intermittent polls, he told reporters in Colombo.

The parliamentarian stated that even though politicians of the ruling party boast that they had obtained a resounding victory in the provincial council election they no longer speak about an early General Election or Presidential Election.

He alleged that government MPs and Ministers had “seen stars” when the results of the recent election were released and vowed the upcoming election for the Uva Provincial Council would hurt the government even more.

The government bigwigs have now realized that the hearts of the masses cannot be won just by building and carpeting roads, Karunathilaka said.

He stressed that the government was given a “signal” through the election that if it wishes to remain in power for a little while longer it would have to provide concessions to the people at least during the New Year season.

Especially the taxes imposed on essential goods need to be reduced, he said.

Karunathilaka further revealed that the United National Party’s May Day rally would be held in Ampara this year.