“No one is an island” We were touched by Sri Lanka’s kindness Now it’s the time for us to help

As the COVID-19 continued to break out in countries around the world, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director General, announced in Geneva on February 28 that WHO escalates risk assessment of COVID -19 from “high” to “very high” at a global level and that the epidemic across the world is still in the most intense period of expansion. The number of confirmed cases is still rising at an exponential rate in such countries as Korea, Iran, Italy, adding complexity and severity to the international epidemic situation.

Since the outbreak of COVID -19, the Chinese government has adopted a series of restrict and effective measures to prevent COVID -19. At present, the situation of China’s COVID-19 control has shown a positive trend. But the other part of the world is in risks.

The number of Sri Lankans diagnosed with COVID-19 rose to two yesterday. As a Chinese islander who live in Colombo, I am sad for what happened. People and world suffered from the virus. Two month before when the virus started spreading,China had a large number of patients. At that time Sri Lanka people pray for China all over the country. Ceylon tea was donated to Chinese patients by Sri Lanka government. With all kind supports, we Chinese feel warm and encouraging.

I am a book author, I wrote 7 books to introduce Sri Lanka to Chinese people, and the eighth is on the way. Colombo is my second hometown. I love here because it is a warm society. All My family are here and my son is in a Colombo international school. After the tragedy happened on April last year, it was unbearable for me to see Sri Lanka people suffering. I even cried many times. My family never left the island during the hard time. As a foreigner we stand with Sri Lanka as always and kept recording island stories.

China had successfully managed to control the spread of the virus in the country. Over the past month, the number of newly infected cases of COVID-19 in China has dropped from 3,887 on February 4th, to 19 on March 10th. According to our risk assessment, the chances of the virus spreading from a Chinese national is very low now. Now I think it’s time for China to help COVID-19 control in Sri Lanka.


In order to prevent COVID-19 from entering the Sri Lanka, China has also taken many measures.


  • The Chinese government has temporarily closed exit and enter channels to cities which have been most vulnerable and much affected by the epidemic.


  • The Chinese government has canceled all outbound group travels.


  • For the first COVID-19 caseour Embassy has shared information, including fever cases and the patient’s agenda with Sri Lanka authorities.


  • The Chinese Embassy has at the earliest time released the notice, requesting tourists who have already arrived in Sri Lanka from epidemic affected areas to cancel their plans, and avoid crowed places.


  • The Chinese Embassy has advised that tourists from epidemic affected areas, including Hubei province postpone or cancel their plans to visit Sri Lanka.


  • With the appeal of Chinese Embassy and all Sri Lanka Chinese association’s participation, the launch of the COVID-19 Fight Proposal was held in Colombo in 12nd, February. All Chinese go back to Sri Lanka from other countries are required to strictly follow the 14 days indoor quarantine.


I was in the launch, feeling it is our responsibility to protect the island, and prevent the virus from China to Sri Lanka. I would be angry if any one didn’t follow the requirement. The approaches adopted by the government of Sri Lanka have effectively contained the spread of the virus in the first period. Now with Sinhala New Year coming, a large number of Sri Lankan living in Korea and Italy may return to Sri Lanka. This has brought considerable pressure to the COVID-19 prevention.

China will donate 1,000 coronavirus test kits and 50,000 medical face masks to Sri Lanka. This was announced following a meeting held between the Deputy Chief of Mission & Political Counsellor of China, Mr. Hu Wei and Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi yesterday at the Chinese Embassy. China has decided to make the donation as the first step to help Sri Lanka combat a possible outbreak of the coronavirus.

Now the whole earth is a community with shared future. There is an old Chinese saying “All under heaven are of one family”, which is somehow in common with Buddhism wisdom. Sri Lanka’s kindness touched Chinese a lot. We should strengthen communication, go hand in hand to share future, as we are all human being.

As in the poem “No man is an island entire of itself /every man is a piece of the continent /a part of the main/any man’s death diminishes me/because I am involved in mankind.”

  • Ms. Yang Shiyuan


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